Power Surge 14U – Cranford


This year we are very excited to introduce our Power Surge 14U team, assembled with some of the finest talent in California. All of our players are hard working, respectful and exceptional students as well:

Danyé Albritton     Ashlie Alshouse

Ilaina Barcas     Olivia Birkinshaw

McKenzie Boehm     Erin Brown

Alesia “Alice” Casillas     Naliah “Nation” Garcia

Breanna Guardado     Kaia Johnson

Skylar Johnson     Laurali Patane

Tinley Schmidgall     Naomi Sewell

This may be one of the most exciting years for Power Surge in Southern California. We have great pitching, team defense, power and plenty of speed and range from our outfielders and middle infielders. 

Keep an eye out for this Power Surge 14U team as we prepare our players for college recruitment and to compete for a championship in the PGF Premier Nationals.